Gindos red sauce is our original fresh and spicy pepper sauceABOUT US

Our Mission Statement

At Gindo’s Spice of Life, our mission is to make, distribute, and sell the finest quality pepper sauce with a commitment to using the freshest ingredients we can find.

We will continue to research and use ingredients we determine to be all natural and wholesome to meet our standards of health and flavor.

We believe in giving back and will strive to be as community oriented as possible, firstly through charitable outlets such as donations and drives and secondly through striving to encourage good company moral by treating every member of our team like family.

How We Got Started

Like most ideas, this one started small. So small, in fact, it was the size of a seed. I had decided to grow peppers and herbs on my small deck that has a clear view of the “wood” in the famous “Hollywood” sign. Three months later I had more jalapenos than I knew what to do with.

I’d love to tell you that the sky opened up, doves fluttered about, and a voice came down from the heavens commanding me to create a magical pepper sauce, but let’s be honest, it probably had something to do with the bottle of wine I drank that prompted me to start this whole madness. Well, low and behold, I nailed it! It was delicious! Best sauce ever! Little dash of this, smidge of that, a few pinches of this….Of course, I then spent the next 6 months trying to recreate it.

I experimented on different sauces with different peppers and before I knew it, I had at least seven unique and delicious recipes; I then hosted many barbecues using friends as guinea pigs.

After hearing over and over, the spirited ramblings of friends, saying you should bottle this stuff, I thought, ”why not?” Of course I failed to take into consideration exactly how challenging it is to bottle and sell an artisanal product. But for the first time in my life, and with the help of my beautiful wife, I stuck to it and refused to take no for an answer until I pulled it off.

I hope you enjoy it, our gift to you. A fresh pepper sauce with no preservatives or artificial flavors and only the best ingredients that money can buy! Here it is. My Spice of Life.

- Gindo

Lee J., New York, NY, GSoL Fan: "It's an amazing product – fabulous complexity and depth of flavor with rich, deep heat. You have a convert here…"

Andrew M., Los Angeles, CA, GSoL Fan: "This is hands down the best hot sauce I have had. A really perfect balance of flavor and heat. Delicate enough for eggs but definitely strong enough to cut through any dish!"