Delicious peppers, fine sea salts & choice peppercorns are some of the ingredients that make Gindo’s Spice of Life absolutely irresistible. Sure they’re super tasty, but there’s more…

History of salt

History of peppercorns

Health benefits of spice

Health benefits of peppers

Health benefits of salt

Health benefits of peppercorns

Even our own government suggests intake of fruits and veggies, but you knew that…

Want a few more opinions on salt? You got it…

Regina T., Torrance, CA, GSoL Fan: "Goes great on anything from eggs to tacos. Replaced all my hot sauces. All you need is Gindo's!"

Gail G., Long Beach, CA, GSoL Fan, June 2012: "You made me a hero today! [My husband] absolutely LOVES your sauce."